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LOT 12:

Megaleh Amukos al HaTorah. First Edition. Lvov, 1795.

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Megaleh Amukos al HaTorah. First Edition. Lvov, 1795.

Megaleh Amukos al HaTorah, contains Kabbalistic commentary and explanations on the entire Torah replete with gematria and deep kabbalistic secrets, by the holy kabbalist Rabbi Nosson Shapiro of Cracow, the Megaleh Amukos.

The saintly kabbalist Rabbi Nosson Nutta Shapira (1585–1633) Ab”d Cracow, was a famed kabbalist whose sefarim and teachings are regarded as fundamental kabbalistic works. Highly revered and often quoted in future kabbalistic sefarim.

This sefer features impressive endorsements, among them an endorsement by Harav Mordechai of Nashkiz, a descendant of the author.

Rabbi Nosson Shapira of Cracow was  the grandson of the Maharnash — Harav Nosson Shapira of Horodna Author of Mevo She’arim.
He was instrumental in spreading the teachings of the Arizal throughout Poland, and his descendant Harav Yehonasan Eibschitz describes him in the preface to Kreisi U’pleisi as “The third mouth of the Arizal.”  He had a malach-maggid revealing to him secrets of the torah similar to the Beis Yosef; (Shem Hagedolim), and Eliyahu Hanavi appeared to him as well (introduction to Megaleh Amukos).

Lvov, 1795. First edition. [4], 86: [1] 102 leaves. Second part with additional title page. 23cm. Good condition. New leather binding.

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