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Jul 28, 2021

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LOT 10:

Manuscript- Torah Novellae by Europe’s Greatest Torah Luminaries. 18th Century

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Manuscript- Torah Novellae by Europe’s Greatest Torah Luminaries. 18th Century

Notebook with handwritten novella on the Chumash from Prominent Rabbonim in Europe of the 18th century. 


Includes Torah novellae by Harav Avraham Broide,   
Harav Yaakov Katz — author of Shav Yaakov,   
Harav Yehonasan Eibschitz,    
Harav Baruch Kahana — Av Beis Din of Fürth,
Harav Shmuel Hillman — Av Beis Din of Metz,
Harav Tebeli Hess — Av Beis Din of Mannheim,
Harav Shmuel Krakover — prime disciple of Harav Avraham Broide.

The last few pages are written with a different handwriting, with Torah novella by: Harav Yehuda Leib Halberstadt — dayan in Fürth and disciple of the Pnei Yehoshua,
Harav Moshe Rapp of Frankfurt de Main - rebbi of Harav Nosson Adler,
Harav Yaakov Hamburg of Prague — author of Kol Kol Yaakov,
Harav Wolf Hamburger of Fürth,
and other distinguished Rabbanim from Mannheim, Fürth, and Western Europe.

The novella appearing in this notebook were apparently transcribed by a great scholar — a resident of Mannheim who was a disciple of the local Av Beis Din Harav Tebeli Hess, whom the scribe repeatedly describes as ‘mori v’rabbi’ (see pp. 11b, 58a). The author also cites novellae by Harav Moshe of Reingenoum of Mannheim, and mentions his own grandfather — Harav Yosef Ne’eman of Mannheim.

On the back cover there's a list of owners, residents of Mannheim.

89 leaves. Page size: 16x20cm. Original binding. Good condition.

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