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The Geneva Bible – Amsterdam, Late 16th Century or Early 17th Century – Woodcuts

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The Geneva Bible – Amsterdam, Late 16th Century or Early 17th Century – Woodcuts
The Bible, that is the holy Scriptures conteined in the Olde and Newe Testament, Translated According to the Ebrew and Greeke. [Amsterdam? late 16th century or early 17th century]. On the title page: London: Deputies of Christopher Barker, 1599. English.
The Geneva Bible is one of the earliest English translations of the Bible, and the first to be divided into verses (the division into chapters was done earlier). The Bible was translated by Protestant scholars, who escaped England due to the persecutions of Queen Mary, who tried to bring England back to Catholic Christianity, and found refuge in Protestant Geneva. After the crowning of Queen Elizabeth I (in early 1559) and the return to Anglican Christianity in England, a complete edition of the Geneva Bible was printed for the first time (Geneva, 1560); in 1575, this Bible was printed for the first time in England. The Geneva Bible became very popular and was widely distributed; by the mid-17th century, over a hundred and fifty different editions were printed.
The book includes woodcuts (including illustrations of biblical scenes), tables, references and introductions, and a foreword for each chapter.
Several different editions of the Geneva Bible are known to use the imprint "London 1599". These editions differ from one another, and many of them were in fact printed during the 17th century. This edition was possibly printed in Amsterdam ca. 1599 or slightly later, as one of the editions intended for English Puritans in the Low Countries. (See: Historical catalogue of the printed editions of Holy Scripture in the library of the British and Foreign Bible Society, edited by T.H. Darlow and H.F. Moule. London, 1903. Part I, p. 115, A-C).
At the end of the volume, metrical Psalms.
[3], 3-24, 26-47, 50-63, 65-83, 85-190; 127; [1], 3-121; [11] ff. Missing 9 leaves (including several woodcuts): two leaves at the beginning of the book, leaves 2, 25, 48-49, 64 and 84 from the first sequence (Old Testament) and one leaf from the third sequence (following the title page of the New Testament). The first leaf of the Book of Genesis is bound out of order, with two non-paginated leaves at the beginning of the volume. At the end of the volume – metrical Psalms: [4] ff., 90, 93-94, [10] pp. (one leaf missing – pp. 91-92). 21 cm. Gilt edges.
Fair-poor condition. Stains. Wear and tears, including open tears and some large tears, affecting text (some of them restored). Worming, slightly affecting text. Margins trimmed, affecting text on upper part of leaves. One of the leaves is mounted on paper for reinforcement. Ink notations (early). Leather-covered card binding, worn and blemished, with abrasions and peelings; tears to its edges and corners. New spine.

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