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16th c. Map, Israel, Middle East - TRIBUS ASER

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16th c. Map, Israel, Middle East - TRIBUS ASER
16th c. Engraved Map of Israel, Middle East - TRIBUS ASER [Territory of the Tribe of Asher in the Holy Land] by Christiaan van Adrichem, (1533-1585) and Arnold Mylius (1540-1604) | Published: Antwerp / 1590 | Map shows the lands assigned to the Tribe of Asher by Moses, and Numerous biblical sites are depicted and identified by both name and number, and are more fully described in Adrichom's text | From the original 1590 edition of Theatrum Terræ Sanctæ et biblicarum historiarum : cum tabulis geographicis ære expressis | By Christiaan van Adrichom, (1533-1585) and Arnold Mylius (1540-1604). Topics: Atlas, cartographic image-cri, Christian pilgrims and pilgrimages, and pictorial works (Latin). Full Title: Tribus Aser id est, portio illa Terræ Sanctæ, quæ Tribui Aser in divisione regionis attributaLiteratureChristian Kruik van Adrichem [Adrichom], or Christianus Crucius Adrichomius, (February 13, 1533 – June 20, 1585) was a Catholic priest and theological writer.ProvenanceFrom the prominent Israel collection of Raphael Rivkin, Jerusalem, Israel.NotesThe Theatrum Terrae Sanctae was an atlas and history of the Holy Land and was Adrichom's most important and famous work. Born in Delft, Christian Kruik van Adrichem, or Christianus Crucius Adrichomius, was a priest and theologian. Adrichom worked for thirty years on his three-part history of the Holy Land, but only published the first part, Urbis Hierosolyma Depicta, during his lifetime. The remaining two parts were published posthumously by Georg Braun in 1590, with subsequent editions in 1593, 1600, 1613, 1628, and 1682. The Theatrum Terrae Sanctae contained 12 maps and plans: one of the Holy Land, nine of territories of the Tribes of Israel, one of the Exodus, and a town plan of Jerusalem.