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1864 & 1865, after Mathew Brady Lincoln Photograph

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1864 & 1865, after Mathew Brady Lincoln Photograph
Original 1864 Steel Engraving of Abraham Lincoln by John Chester Buttre (1821-1893) after a photograph by Matthew B. Brady (1823-1896), with an elaborate engraved border by William Momberger (b. 1829) - showing symbolic depictions of Patriots, Fugitives, Rebellion, and Peace at the corners, along with Lincoln's “Proclamation of Freedom” sitting atop open shackles and a broken cattail whip at the peak of the oval | Text below the Lincoln portrait: Lower Left: BORDER DESIGN BY W. MOMBERGER; Lower Center: "Entered according to act of Congress AD 1864 by J.C. Buttre, in the Clerk's Office in the District Court of the Southern District of New York. ENGRAVED AND PUBLISHED BY J. C. BUTTRE 48 FRANKLIN STREET NEW YORK; Lower Right: PHOTOGRAPH BY M. B. BRADY. Lincoln’s facsimile signature appears at the bottom center above: Abraham Lincoln - 16th President of the United States - Assasinated April 14th 1865 | Approx. Size: Paper: 17.3” H x 13.5” W; Image: 16” H x 12” W.NotesAfter President Lincoln's assassination, prints were produced to pay tribute to Lincoln's memory and to help the public mourn. In this print, produced in 1864 and re-released after Lincoln's assassination in 1865, a Mathew Brady photograph of the martyred President is surrounded by imagery relating to patriotism, freed slaves, rebellion, peace, and Lincoln's great achievement of keeping the Union intact.