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<<(Oradea, Grosswardein, Rumania).>> Pinkas Keren Kayemeth deChevrath Lomdei Shas - ...

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<<(Oradea, Grosswardein, Rumania).>> Pinkas Keren Kayemeth deChevrath Lomdei Shas - <<(Nagy)Varad.>>

Manuscript in Hebrew. Each page in a magnificent calligraphic hand, occasionally with color. Rules of the Society in Yiddish and in German.
pp. 171 (excluding blanks). Original calf-backed boards with morocco title-label on upper cover. Folio.
Groysvardein, Transylvania: Late 19th century - 1944

Contains hundreds of names with birth and death dates, men and women.The Jews of Oradea (Grosswardein) adopted the Hungarian language and culture earlier than any other Jewish community in Hungary and the contribution of Oradea Jews to the development of Hungarian literature was considerable. Conflict existed between Orthodox and Reform elements in the town and after the schism following the Hungarian Jewish Congress the Oradea community divided in 1870 into Orthodox and Neolog congregations, each developing separate institutions which remained active until the Nazi occupation. In 1944 Hungarian authorities forced the Jewish inhabitants of Oradea into a ghetto before sending them to their deaths in Auschwitz. See