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<<(East End, London).>> Chevra Bnai Abraham - Anshei Chechenover.
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<<(East End, London).>> Chevra Bnai Abraham - Anshei Chechenover.

Manuscript in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English written in square calligraphic hands on paper. Exceptional, artistic title-page, signed by the artist S. Levinger.
pp. 72 (excluding blanks). Few stains and neat taped repairs. Original heavy boards, central red morocco title label on rear cover. Thick folio.
London, England: 1892

The magnificent title page to this pinkas is set with a light blue wash evoking the sky, over a globe that is flanked with Hebrew mottos. At the forefront of the globe are a lion and a gazelle, surrounding the Decalogue. King David and King Solomon appear as well. The lettering in gold ink with black and red accents denotes that Chevra Bnei Abraham, was established in 1875. Twelve pages of takanot, numbering 29 in total, follow. The heading of these takanot note that this Chevra is a landsmanschaft-shul whose members were originally from Ciechanow, Poland (Tchechanova in Yiddish). Regulations provide rules of membership, fees, member decorum, etc. For example, Number 11 states that upon a verbal disturbance or brawl to break out in the synagogue, a fine of 2/6 (a half crown) is to be levied. This was for the first offense. For a second offense, the fine rises to 5 shillings. A list of officers in recorded and then many dozens of member listings each on individual pages. The Chechenover Synagogue was formally known as Bnai Abraham. According to the JewishGen website, this synagogue was “reputedly” formed in about 1896, yet from this pinkas we learn that it was formed in 1875. See