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<<(Brooklyn, NY).>> Pinkas Chevrah Kadisha Anshei Torath Chesed VeZichru Torath ...

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<<(Brooklyn, NY).>> Pinkas Chevrah Kadisha Anshei Torath Chesed VeZichru Torath Moshe.

Manuscript in Hebrew and Yiddish written in square calligraphic hands on paper.
pp. 97 (excluding blanks). Light wear, several introductory leaves with clean tears. Original boards. Folio.
Brooklyn, New York: 1908-

This manuscript is the Pinkas for a Benevolent Society in Brooklyn associated with the synagogue Zichru Toras Moshe in East New York. The title page is elaborately drawn and multicolored. It gives the date of the establishment of the society as 18th Cheshvan, 5668. The artist’s signature at bottom is Israel ben Abraham Kurtz. There is a Hebrew introduction, repeated in Yiddish, about the importance of institutional kindness in Jewish teaching. After this are several pages of takkanot and dinim of preparing bodies for burial. One interesting rule pertains to the death of a member at 100 years or older, and the extra honor to which they are entitled. After this is a page with a list of members, some 30 men and 5 women. Then there are individual pages listing these members by name and in some cases the year they died. Followed by a section headed by a beautiful introductory page that lists the officers of the society as they were elected at their annual banquet on 15th Kislev. These lists cover the years 1909 to 1925 and are written in handsome calligraphy. After 1925 each page of elected officers is given its own elaborate artistic framing, some in color, from the yeras 1926 to 1934. There are two more sections, one listing members at various years, and the other giving the dates of deaths of members. The cemetery associated with this burial society is Beth David in Elmont, Long Island.