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Seder Yekara DeShachvei [“Order of Honoring the Deceased.”]
Manuscript in Hebrew, Aramaic ...

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Seder Yekara DeShachvei [“Order of Honoring the Deceased.”]

Manuscript in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Judeo-German written on paper in a very fine square and cursive calligraphic Ashkenazic hand. Prepared for the Ahavath Chessed Burial Society.
pp. 36. Few light stains, title supplied (later?) in another hand. Recent blind-tooled calf. 16mo.
Gailingen, Germany: 1896

This finely composed manuscript commences with a Techina in Juedisch-Teitsch to be recited before ablutions are performed on the deceased. Following which are various Hebrew prayers, such as the Kaddish DeChadata, to be recited after burial, each with instruction or commentary in Judeo-German. At the end is a section of Vidui, the confession litany, to be recited with one immediately prior to death. Each word (Ashamti, Bagadti, etc.) is accompanied by an explanation of the sin to which the liturgy pertains and which could, if necessary, be read to the dying person. Following this section is a brief list of Halachic laws on death. Gailingen am Hochrhein is a village in the district of Konstanz in Baden-Württemberg, in southern Germany. It is situated in the Hegau, the southernmost part of the region on the northern bank of the High Rhine just across the border from Switzerland and close to Lake Constance. For the history of the Jews who settled in Gailingen see p=1620.