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Pinkas of the Yeshiva Gedola Beth Chasam Sofer.
Manuscript in Hebrew and Yiddish. ...

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Pinkas of the Yeshiva Gedola Beth Chasam Sofer.

Manuscript in Hebrew and Yiddish. Title page hand-lettered in gold, copper and green metallic inks. In a beautiful Hebrew calligraphy and ornate design it includes the entire name of the yeshiva and it’s related institutions (translated into English on official documents as “Hebrew Seminary Beth Chassam Soffer and General Talmud Tora Training Children School of Saffed Palestine.”) Following this are ten pages, finely written, listing the takkanot, purposes of the yeshiva and curriculum. One page provides ten sayings from the Talmud about the importance of honoring scholars. Following this are no less than 17 paragraphs on how donors are to be appropriately treated. All in a beautiful hand and with accents in gold and copper ink. There follows:?* Blessings and endorsements by the rabbis of Safed, Tiberias, and elsewhere in Eretz Israel. The first page, in an Ashkenazi hand, is signed and stamped by the Rabbis Raphael Silbermann, the chief rabbi, Moshe Charag and others. * Another entry, in a very fine Sephardic hand, is signed and stamped by Rabbi Shlomo Hakim, the Haham Bashi of Safed, as well as others. * The next entry is signed and stamped by Rabbi Zion Kohen. * An entry signed and stamped by Rabbi Shlomo Rahamim Abulafia, Rabbi Aharon Elhadi, and Rabbi Yaakov Kohen Skilly, the Sephardic Av Beth Din of Tiberias. * A page signed and stamped by the Haham Bashi of Acre, Rabbi Mahlouf Davoudi. * A wonderful endorsement signed and stamped from Rabbi Chaim Chizkiyahu Medini of Hebron, author of the Sdei Chemed. * After this are the rabbis of Jerusalem, Rabbi Eliyahu Moshe Panigel, and the members of the Jerusalem beit din of the Ashkenazim. * After this are almost two hundred blank sheets of the stationary of the yeshiva. Each has a space for a date and was no doubt intended to be torn from the book, which is loosely bound for that purpose, and used for all manner of things relating to the institution’s business.
Few leaves loose. Original mottled calf. Sm. folio.
Tzfat: 1903

This yeshiva was established by Rabbi Yitzchak Leib Sofer of Drohobych, the son of the Kesav Sofer, and thus the grandson of the Chasam Sofer. The purpose of the yeshiva was to create a flourishing Torah center in Safed that would also cater to the needs of the poor, offer a track of vocational instruction, and be open to all - no matter the community of origin.