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Pinkas HaTakanoth [regulations of the Chevra Kadisha of <<Altona and Hamburg>> with a ...

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Pinkas HaTakanoth [regulations of the Chevra Kadisha of <<Altona and Hamburg>> with a responsum from Chief Rabbi Ezekiel Katzenellenbogen].

Hebrew manuscript on paper written in an exquisite square and cursive calligraphic Ashkenazic hand.
pp. 8. Lightly stained. Recent vellum-backed marbled boards. 8vo.
Altona: 1729-46

This manuscript includes the Regulations from the Burial Society of Altona and Hamburg. It includes five sections. The first is an introduction explaining at which meetings these Takanot were adopted. The second section records twelve Takanot concerning the workings of the Society. (No. 5: “We shall adhere to the stringent obligation of studying Torah through the night of Shavu’oth and Hoshanah Rabbah… under the penalty of a fine… yet the innocent (i.e., those with a valid excuse) are exempted by the Merciful One.”). The third section records fourteen orders of procedure relating to preparing the deceased on Yom Tov. (No. 2: “If there is a death on Yom Tov, it is prohibited to bury before Chatzot. However, if the deceased is a worthy person, it is permissible to bury him prior to the morning prayers, for his greater honor.”). The fourth section are ten Takanot with obligations to be observed by the shamashim of the Chevra. (No. 3: “When a death occurs, the shamash is obligated to immediately inform the gabbai and then the other members of the Chevra.”). Following this a responsum by the Chief Rabbi of the community, Rabbi Yechezkel Katzenellenbogen (1670-1749) responding to five halachic queries submitted by the Burial Society. R. Katzenellenbogen authored the Shailoth U’Teshuvoth Keneseth Yechezkel (Altona, 1732 - thus, this responsum is unpublished). He was the predecessor of R. Yonathan Eybeschuetz in this rabbinic position.