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Autograph Album. Originally issued on the 25th May, 1924, the occasion of the Brith ...

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Autograph Album. Originally issued on the 25th May, 1924, the occasion of the Brith Milah of Josef Flörsheim (1924-?).

All entries in German and/or Hebrew. Dedicated by his grandparents Michael Flörsheim (1861-1945) & Nanette Flörsheim (1868-1942). Inscribed and signed by other family members of the Flörsheim / Rothschild families.?The album continues as a guest-book and features entries relating to other family gatherings until 1931. The autograph album continued again in 1956 with entries written in Haifa, Israel.
pp. 14 (excluding blanks). Original plush morocco. Sm. folio.
Hamburg, 1924-1931 and : Haifa, 1956-1962

This autograph album commences with the following entry: “Zur Erinnerung der Brit Milah für meinen geliebten Stammhalter und Enkel Josef Flörsheim.” Followed by a lengthy anecdotal description, noting that grandmother carried the baby into the Brit Milah ceremony, and grandfather held him on his knees while his uncle Jakob performed the circumcision. Concludes with good wishes: “Damit Du einst Deinen grossen Ahnen gleich, ein Kämpfer für Gottes Wort sein mögest, sich als guter Yehudi stets zu bewähren, segnend legen wir die Hände aufs Haupt, Deine Grosseltern Michael Nanette Flörsheim” [“May you may be like your great ancestors, a fighter for God's word, to always prove yourself as a good Jew; with blessings we lay our hands on your head, your grandparents Michael Nanette Flörsheim.”] The albums includes entries from families: Rothschild, Gotthold, Möller, Bauer, Polack, Karminski, Beilowitz, Feuchtwanger, Gumpertz, Pelz, Herschkowitz, Kosmann, Ettlinger, etc. A detailed account of all names, dates, etc available upon request.