Auction 13 Sale of original Israeli art
Apr 22, 2021

"Yotzrim gallery" is an art gallery that specializes in combining interior design and art, both at home and in the office. We provide artistic consulting services, done by professionals in the field.

The gallery has been in operation for ten years, and focuses on representing original works by contemporary Israeli artists. Their work has been carefully selected from various artistic styles, such as drawing, painting, sculpture and more

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LOT 281:

Hodaia Gilad, oil on wood, 26 by 26 cm

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Sold for: $240
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$ 240
Buyer's Premium: 15% More details
VAT: 17% On commission only
Users from foreign countries may be exempted from tax payments, according to the relevant tax regulations

Hodaia Gilad, oil on wood, 26 by 26 cm
Painter and art teacher The student of the late painters Eliyahu Gat, Moshe Rosenthalis. Engaged in art at various levels, active creator and participates in various exhibitions.
Hodayh Sarah Gilad Resume
The student of the late painters Eliyahu Gat and Moshe Rosenthalis
2019 Course on behalf of the association "Creating an Environment" various and practical aspects of art
2018-2019 Double course Silk-screen printing studies: Beginners and advanced in the "Jerusalem Printing Workshop" Jerusalem
2018, Training course, submission of "Calling Voices" and marketing to artists
Jerusalem "Shelter" Gallery
2013 Graphics course, "At the Teacher's House" in Tel Aviv and
2011-2013 Documentary Studies, 3D Digital Sculpture, Z'B Software- Design, Sculpture and Computer Modeling "Brainstorming College" Jerusalem
2011-2012 "Digital Art" Certificate and Digital Illustration Course "Brainstorming College" Jerusalem
                           Advanced Study, Digital Painting "The Israel Museum Jerusalem
1981 Print and copper engraving-Etching workshop , Kibbutz Artists Association, Tel Aviv
1979 Stone Print Workshop at “The Artists' House In , Tel Aviv
1972-1975 Diploma in Art Teaching ( With honors) "The College of Education Talpiot "in Tel Aviv
Group Exhibition
2018 " Since man is the tree of the field, "By just began" Foundation Ahuzat HaKhan, Kfar Uriah
                           Curator: Nurit Sirkis Bank
2018 “Power of a Woman", Community Center, Elad Municipality
2017 "Unity", Community Center, Elad Municipality
2016 Project for completion of the Women's Empowerment Course "Business – Yours”, Elad Municipality
2005 "Elad Artists Present", House of Activities, Elad Municipality
1971 Eighteenth Annual Exhibition of "The Jewish Child’s Art", The International Exhibition at "Ben Uri Art Gallery", London
1975 Third year project at "Talpiot Art College", Tel Aviv
  Prizes and scholarships
1979 Print Workshop Scholarship, "Artists House of Painters and Sculptors
                   America-Israel Cultural Foundation" Tel Aviv
1976 Scholarship for Excellence in Completion of Art Education studies, "Office of Education and Culture"
1975 Scholarship for studies at “America Israel Cultural Foundation”, and “The Young Artists Foundation”
      "The Freedom" Digital Art Catalog by "Art and Faith"
1971 Jewish Child Exhibition – Sponsored by The Jewish Chronicle
                     (April 18 - 25), London
1918 Publication in "Shabbat Square" Religious artists describe the Exodus from Egypt, through the work of art

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