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Apr 22, 2021

"Yotzrim gallery" is an art gallery that specializes in combining interior design and art, both at home and in the office. We provide artistic consulting services, done by professionals in the field.

The gallery has been in operation for ten years, and focuses on representing original works by contemporary Israeli artists. Their work has been carefully selected from various artistic styles, such as drawing, painting, sculpture and more

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LOT 299:

Esti Glazer, Print on paper, 42 by 29 cm. Signed and numbered by hand. Unframed

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Esti Glazer, Print on paper, 42 by 29 cm. Signed and numbered by hand. Unframed
ESTI GLAZER is an oil painter with spade on paper or on canvas. In her first paintings, she painted with a paintbrush, color and oil technique, and sought precision, legality and skill. Over time, she decided to test other techniques, and after many attempts, she realized that her preoccupation is to color and materiality. Because of that, she developed two techniques One technique of creating several layers of paint on each other using a spleen that makes the work to show material, rich and volume. And the second is a technique of scratching the layers of fresh paint with a spade and creating layers of intense color. The subjects of the paintings she create are urban and natural sceneries as an expression of her love to world she surrounded by and her curiosity to know it and tour it The themes in her work are urban and natural scenery, because of her love for the world around her and the curiosity to know him, In her works she maintain balance and symmetry in the composition by organizing the geometrical shapes on the page.
ESTI GLAZER is a member of Painter and Sculpture Association of Ramat Gan and Givatayim.
*She has Participated in many exhibitions in Israel and in exhibitions around the world, and the most important of them are:
1. June 2019. Amiad Center in Tel Aviv-Jaffa "Dialogue between nature and color" production; ART FOR PEOPLE
2. April 2019. Givatayim Theater "This is Life". Curator: Ariella Nachshoni.
3. March 2019. "Chabba" Gallery in Herzliya Pituah 'Seeds of Wonder'. Curators: Natalie Maimon and Maya Farkash.
4. October 2018. The Sourasky Central Library at Tel Aviv University ''Tears of Salt''. Curator: Rachel Ziv.
5. August-September 2018. "Yad Lebanim" Gallery in Ramat Gan "New Point of View". Curator: Ariella Nachshoni.
6. July 2018. "On the Lake" Gallery in Raanana "To Glorify the House". Curator: Roni Oz.
7.July 2018. Traveling exhibition in Portugal '' 70 for Israel''. Curator: Rachel Ziv.
8. May 2018. ''Sara Arman'' Gallery in Tel Aviv "Boundaries and their Breaking". Curator: Roni Ankori
9.May 2018. Eshkol Paice "Ohel Shem" in Ramat Gan ''70 to Israel''. Curator: Rachel Ziv.
10.May 2018. ''Der Kunstraum'' Gallery in Vienna "Color and Emotion - Body and Soul". Curator: Rami zam.
11.March 2018. ''Azul'' Gallery in Tel Aviv "Women Women". Curator: Rachel Ziv. November 2017 - January 2018. ''Ein Hod'' Gallery "Guest Artists" 12
13.January - June 2017. ''less than 1000'' Gallery in Tel Aviv. Curator: Yoad Bar Noy.
14.February 2015. ''Art Studio'' Gallery in Tel Aviv "Tel Aviv Jaffa then and now". Curator: Ariel Oren.
15. Exhibitions in a couple - December-January 2017 Yad Lebanim Gallery in Rehovot " Longing and illusion". Curator: Roni Ankori.
There are articles about her in newspapers and magazines. She appears in several art books*
1. "Gal Gefen" May 2019. "Urban Landscape and Joy"
2. "News 08", April 2019. "Honorary Consulate of France gives a platform for Israeli artists to exhibit with collectors including Esti Glazer".
3. ''Here''Issus 57 September-October 2018. ''Esti Glazer''.
4. ''The City Mouse'' May 2018. ''Israeli Art in Vienna''.
5. ''Scooper'' April 2018. ''Esti Glazer''.
6. ''BE106 Rehovot'' April 2018. ''Esti Glazer''.
1. "Israeli Reality in Art" edited by Hannah Barak Engel. production; The magazine 'KAN' 2019. 'Esti Glazer'
2. ''Art For People'' by ''Steimatzky'' Publishers and production of the ''Artists' Association'' 2018. ''Esti Glazer''

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