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Hebrew manuscript written on vellum, set on ...

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Hebrew manuscript written on vellum, set on roller.

Seven columns each set with six lines, beautifully calligraphically composed on two membranes. Opening column with image of the High Priest offering the Incense, and closing column with image of the Temple in Jerusalem. Housed in silver and gold-plated circular case decorated with rubies.
Set in custom case. Scroll height: 2 inches; length: 39 inches.

The recital of the Ketoreth passage is traditionally regarded as an act that will bring about great spiritual merit and much material bounty. It is regarded as particularly meritorious to commission this Parshah to be written on parchment in order to recite the Ketores. This practice is based on the Sefer Seder HaYom (p. 15) and is quoted by the Chavos Yair (Mekor Chaim, 132). See also Mishna Berurah (132:17). The Beis Yosef (O.C. 133) quotes the Terumas HaDeshen who notes how important it is to recite the Ketores carefully and adds that according to the Terumas Hadeshen, the best practice is to do so from a beautifully written parchment. See also R. Haim Palache in Kaf HaChaim (Siman Tov:18), noting, in the name of the Mishpat Tzedek, that this is an excellent merit for one’s livelihood (Segulah for Parnassa). In regard to the Ketores in this time of Corona see E. Reichman, s-of-epidemic/.