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Sefer Kol Techina U’Minhagim [ceremonies]. According to the custom of Lisbon.
Manuscript ...

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Sefer Kol Techina U’Minhagim [ceremonies]. According to the custom of Lisbon.

Manuscript in Hebrew written in square and cursive Sephardic hands. Occasional use of Ladino.
pp. 44 (excluding blanks). Foxed, ink oxidized creating some lost portions, few neat taped repairs. Modern calf. 8vo.
Lisbon: 1908

This manuscript is a handbook of prayers and supplications relating to deathbed ritual. The title page, in Ladino, states that it follows the Minhag established and adopted for “Kehal Kodesh Lisboa.” Appearing is a Hebrew and Spanish ownership inscription by Shem Tob Qeurub ben David written in the Solitreo script used in the Balkans and Turkey, with the date of Elul 5684 (1923). At the end is another inscription, that of Moses S. Qeurub, with the date of 22 November 1908. The volume includes an abridged Shema, prayers to be said when the Tahara is performed, when the mourner’s clothing are ripped, the Tziduk HaDin prayer when burial is complete, pizmonim, such as Lemitvadeh Chatosav by R. Moses ibn Ezra, a meditation on the confession of sins before death, etc. After the Inquisition faded in the 19th century, certain affluent Jewish families, mainly of Morocco and Gibraltar, returned to Portugal. The Lisbon community achieved a size whereby a synagogue, Shaarei Tikvah, was established in 1904, the first in more than 400 years.