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Derech Eitz HaChaim [regulations and procedures for a Burial Society].
Hebrew ...

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Derech Eitz HaChaim [regulations and procedures for a Burial Society].

Hebrew manuscript written (mostly) by Yisroel Fa’sh (the town rabbi?) in square and cursive calligraphic Aschkenazic hands on paper.
pp. 45. Stained and worn from use. Contemporary boards, loose, lacking spine. 4to.
Kiskőrös (Korosch), Hungary: 7th Adar 1825

Written in a fine Hebrew prose, this manuscript is interspersed with prayers and recitals for the dying, along with original poetry. The manuscript commences with a prayer for the raising of a gravestone; then by an original double acrostic poem forming the names Yisrael and Korisch, bearing the title Mizkereth Ahavah (“A Memento of Love”); following which is a Yiddish introduction; a well organized Table of Contents; and 18 Burial Society regulations. The introduction is most sensitive, containing such sentiments as “May every person proceed in peace and rest with tranquility.” The regulations (takanot) range from protocols for visiting the sick, the method for ablution for a body, to how to appropriately treat the bereaved during shiva. Kiskőrös, a town situated in Hungary’s wine region, had a Jewish community numbering 400 in 1900. For details see Aside from its aesthetic elegance, this manuscript offers an impressive look at the workings and aspirations of an important communal institution in an otherwise unremarkable Jewish community two centuries ago. - For even amidst obscurity, treasure is found.