Holocaust Museum, Founder Mark Talisman's Life Collection
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US Holocaust Museum Founder, Mark Talisman's Life Collection Auction - Online & Simulcast

Collection Features: Judaica Treasures, World War I & II Memorabilia, Propaganda, Art, Russian Collectibles, Cartography, Ephemera, Objects D' Art, and so much more.

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"I never Saw Another Butterfly", 45 Pc Traveling Museum

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"I never Saw Another Butterfly", 45 Pc Traveling Museum
The Art of The Children of Terezin - A Historic & Important Jewish Holocaust Traveling Museum Collection

Terezin, a former Holiday Resort for Nobility, was sadly transformed into a place of unspeakable horrors during WW2. Yet somehow, as almost through divine will, became the unconscious curator of an innocence, hope & beauty, that could only be captured in children's art. This sampling is the touring works, as selected from the period of the Shoah for all the world to see. It has been called “A World Rarity" for a reason. This incredible Collection has not been viewed for decades. This world class collection has the unique provenance of being part of the Private Collections of Mark E. Talisman, a long-time advocate for Jewish causes and a founder of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

In 1983, 45 facsimiles of children's drawings from Terezin were displayed at the B'nai B'rith Klutznick Museum in Washington D.C., as a companion exhibit to the “Precious Legacy" Exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum.

The exhibit was curated after the original collection in the State Jewish Museum of Prague. Talisman and curators from the US were invited to visit and select images, to be displayed in the US.

The "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" exhibit unveiled 45 facsimile drawings of the inspiring works created by the children of Terezin. More than 15,000 Jewish children were deported to Terezin and fewer than 100 survived.

The exhibits, ''Precious Legacy'' and the children's drawings, were both organized by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service in cooperation with Project Judaica, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Socialist Republic, the State Jewish Museum of Prague, the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czechoslavak Socialist Republic, and the National Committee of the Capital of Prague.

After the DC showing, the exhibits continued to travel to Miami Beach, New York City, San Diego, New Orleans, Detroit, Hartford, Canada, and other locations.

This incredible collection has not been viewed for decades and ready to inspire future generations.