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Classic Mateh Efraim, Zolkiew 1834, First Edition, Important Signatures.

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Classic Mateh Efraim, Zolkiew 1834, First Edition, Important Signatures.

Mateh Efraim - Elef lamateh, the laws and customs of Elul and the High Holidays, the classic authoritative work on this subject, widely studied throughout the Jewish world. Zalkova 1834, by R' Efraim Zalman Margolius. First Edition.

Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod 206.

Rabbi Efrayim Zalman Margulies (1761-1828), son of Rabbi Menachem Munish and disciple of his uncle Rabbi Alexander Sender of Satanow. Rabbi of Uhnow, but later retired from the rabbinate, being of independent means. A scholar of the famous Brody Klaus and leading halachic authority. Author of numerous famous works, including Be is Efrayim, Mateh Efrayim and Shaarei Efrayim.

On the title page of the book and at its end a signature and inscriptions by Rabbi Moshe Reichman (1810-1872). Immigrated to the Land of Israel in 1865 and settled in Safed and served as Rosh Av Beit Din of Tiberius. Author of 'Eretz Chemda' (printed in 1861). A Hassid of the Rebbe author of the 'Divrei Chaim' of Sanz.

Signatures and stamps of his son Rabbi Baruch Reichman, Dayan in Safed (died in 2014).

Ancient, erased signature: "Yehoshua Heschil…"

Pages: 10, 46, 33.

Size: 22 cm.

Condition: Over all good condition, a few pages have worming, 2 (29-30) pages in the middle are from another copy and those 2 pages have heavy worming.

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