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Sep 13, 2020
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LOT 54:

L'Shem Zevach.First Edition. Altona 1767.

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L'Shem Zevach.First Edition. Altona 1767.
Novella on Masechtos Brochos, Beitzah, Shavuos, Makkos, Zevachim and Chulin, by R. Yaakov Yehuda Leib Papersha, a Dayan in Altona. Includes approbations from leading Torah leaders of that era.
R. Yaakov Yehuda Leib Papersha (d. 1779), was a pupil of R. Yaakov HaCohen of Frankfurt, (Shev Yaakov). He served as a Dayan with R. Yonason Eibeschutz in Hamburg, and remained steadfastly loyal to R. Yonason throughout the controversy.
Vinograd Altona 84. Moshe Bunn press. [1], 109 pages. 34 cm. Overall fine condition. Foxing and worming, at times slightly affecting text. Some damage to the last page, affecting text. Antique binding.
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