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Sep 15, 2020
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Tur – Four Volumes – Frankfurt, 1712-1716 – Original Wood and Parchment Bindings – Signatures and Glosses – From ...

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Tur – Four Volumes – Frankfurt, 1712-1716 – Original Wood and Parchment Bindings – Signatures and Glosses – From the Library of R. Avraham Bing Rabbi of Würzburg
Arbaa Turim with Bayit Chadash (Bach) – Orach Chaim, Yoreh De'ah, Even HaEzer and Vol. II of Choshen Mishpat. Frankfurt am Main, [1712-1716] – four volumes out of a set of five volumes printed between 1712-1716. First edition of Derisha and Perisha on Choshen Mishpat.
Early signatures and ownership inscriptions from various periods: "Michel Wolf", "Gavriel Hirsch Friedman", "Yehuda Leib Farnbach", inscription testifying that the book "belongs to R. Avraham Bing Segal Rabbi of the Principality of Würzburg and the knightly estates"; and other ownership inscriptions.
Two handwritten scholarly glosses in the Orach Chaim part, one of them lengthy. In the Choshen Mishpat part, two handwritten scholarly glosses. A few brief handwritten corrections in each volume.
R. Avraham Bing (1752-1841), leader of the entire German diaspora. A leading rabbi and yeshiva dean in Germany. He was the teacher of the Aruch LaNer and R. Yitzchak Dov Bamberger. A Torah disseminator and dayan in Offenbach and Frankfurt am Main (during his tenure in Frankfurt, he was one of the close disciples of R. Natan Adler, and was a close friend of R. Moshe Sofer – the Chatam Sofer, who was several years his junior). In 1796, he was appointed chief rabbi of the Principality of Würzburg, and settled in Heidingsfeld. In 1814, after the decree banning Jews from settling in the city of Wurzburg was overturned, he moved there, and relocated the rabbinic office to the city of Würzburg. Most prominent German rabbis were originally students in his prominent yeshiva, or disciples of his disciples, including: R. Yaakov Ettlinger, author of Aruch LaNer; R. Yitzchak Dov Bamberger Rabbi of Würzburg; R. Yitzchak Bernays Rabbi of Hamburg (teacher of R. Shimshon Refael Hirsch and R. Azriel Hildesheimer); R. Yehosef Schwartz, author of Tevuot HaAretz; R. Eliezer Bergmann, founder of the Ashkenazic settlement in Jerusalem and R. Avraham Reiss, pioneer of Orthodox Judaism in the United States. For his biography, see article by R. Yehuda Aharon HaLevi Horowitz: R. Avraham HaLevi Bing and His Yeshiva in Würzburg (Yeshurun, vol. VIII, Adar 2001, pp. 760-785).
Four volumes. 32-32.5 cm. Orach Chaim: [2], 296 leaves. Yoreh De'ah: [1], 2-10; 277 leaves. Even HaEzer: [1], 139 leaves. Choshen Mishpat Part II: [1], 120, 187 leaves. Overall good condition. Stains. Tears and wear. Several detached leaves. Tears to title pages of Yoreh De'ah and Orach Chaim. Large tears to approx. 70 leaves in middle of Yoreh De'ah (leaves 101-170), and to several leaves in middle of Orach Chaim, affecting text (with old paper repairs). First bifolio of Even HaEzer detached. Worming in several places, mostly to inside bindings. Fine, original bindings, wood covered with parchment, with remnants of clasps.