Auction 23 Contemporary Israeli Art
By KooKoo
Sep 9, 2020
רמת גן, Israel

KooKoo traveled all over the country and brought you the most special, in this sale we will introduce you to 10 new and fascinating Israeli artists -

Meet a Yariv Amitay, who combines his two great loves - the written and illustrated history of the Middle Ages and the anarchist humor of Dudu Geva,

Lena Rabenko, an Israeli artist you have not yet heard of but in China she is already very famous and it is time for you to get to know her,

Exciting oil paintings by young artist Dasha Fibrovov,

Lucy Bitton and Benjamin Netanyahu Research Laboratory in 3D Sculpture,

Meet the youngest artist in KooKoo - Ofek Elia, 23, a breathtaking miniature realist,

Romantic collages, stories by collage artist Tzlil Brandheim,

Meet Orna Geva with naive-spicy canvas works,

Abi Jonge with linoleum cuts that will make you laugh,

And 3 graffiti works straight from London by Adrian Boswell!

A huge work by Avner Katz from the time he was in New York,

Tali Ben Eliezer and her injured wives this time with 3 large canvas works,

Take the opportunity to win 5 oil works by Diana Kogan,

Sveta Shelest with huge embroidery work "Israeli Vitruvic"

And pay attention to the "Rothschild 60" structured by the artist Shaul Cohen

KooKoo takes care of you for the best

And as always - all the art comes directly from the artist's studio

For questions and recommendations 0558859447 - Lisa

* Delivery with a courier to the door for NIS 39

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LOT 29:

Lucy Buitton
Bibi turns around 2020

Sold for: $80
Start price:
$ 70
Estimated price :
$180 - $220
Buyer's Premium: 15%
VAT: 17% On commission only
Users from foreign countries may be exempted from tax payments, according to the relevant tax regulations

Bibi turns around 2020
Innovative sculpture in a 3D printer
height 15 cm 

Meet Lucy Buitton- 

An apolitical mainstream artist, a former member of the Center. 
Among the heroes of her dusty childhood are Batya Uziel, McGiver and Louis Vuitton. The influence of these is evident in her works that move on an axis that links excessive self-awareness to meaninglessness. 
Despite her young age and perhaps because of, she has not yet formulated an agenda. Lucy is not at all fond of dichotomous world views. Finds herself a bit neurotic in the company of people who boast of community life.

Background of the ELECTION COLLECTION project

A design research project that deals with the figure and image of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 
The products of the project are made on a daily basis and sample background noises that accompany the election riots in the years 2018-2020, with the aim of formulating them in the form of a three-dimensional object. 
The project began after the announcement of the dissolution of the 20th Knesset. While developing and formulating a systematic process of design and production that responds to reality. 
Continuation of the project accompanied by the election campaign until the formation of the 35th government. 

A little about 3D printing technique-

The third industrial revolution brings with it a perceptual change in values ​​that differs when it comes to defining cultural norms or in practice the interrelationship between content creation and consumption. Ideas can be realized in three-dimensional printing of a digital file in full accordance with the needs, desires and whims of the user.

Boundaries are blurring and the power / designer / consumer power relations are constantly challenged. Local and global communities use digital production technologies through open source, thereby spreading production facilities and changing political-technological relations.