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Pocket Calendar for the year 1763 - Amsterdam - Proops

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Pocket Calendar for the year 1763 - Amsterdam - Proops

A pocket Calendar for the year 1763. Amsterdam - Joseph and Yaakov ProopsThe sons of the late R. Shlomo Proops. At the end of the Calendar, the publication of the document in which the Props brothers bought the form of print letters from the Atyash family on the 21st of Adar, 1761.

An interesting Calendar with lots of important additions. Among other things - the chronicle number of years for the deportation of Naples, the arrival of Sephardic Holy community to Amsterdam, the arrival of the Ashkenazi community to Amsterdam, separation and the unification of the communities, and more. On the last leaf printed the The property agreement of the form letters from the Atyash printers to the Props family: "The shape of the letters ... square letters with dots and flavors and without dots and flavors ... and all kinds of Rashi big and small ... We the Proops Printers exactly like as Attyash print ... and all in fair price ...".

[37] leaves. 10 cm. magnificent new binding. Very good condition.