Auction 106: Rare Hebrew Books
By Kestenbaum & Company
Jun 27, 2024
The Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 77, 141 Flushing Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205, United States
The Marx Library (Part II).
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LOT 9:


Shevilei Emunah [scientific and ...

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Shevilei Emunah [scientific and kabbalistic encyclopedia].


Three Hebrew letters of word “Sepher” on title in vignettes. Astronomical diagrams on ff. 28-32. Marginalia.

ff. 130. Dampstained, ff. 122-3 supplied from another copy, stamp removed from title, signed at end by censors, ink scribbles. Modern boards. Sm. 4to.

Vinograd, Riva 12.

Riva di Trento, J. Marcaria, 1558.

This significant work served as a source of scientific information for generations.

It combines the Author's predilection for Kabbalah together with knowledge of philosophy, medicine and science. The work contains ten sections entitled “Nethivim” (roads), subdivided into chapters "Shevilim” (paths) and delves into such matters as the existence of God, His attributes, His immateriality, unity, and immutability, introducing in each case a Kabbalistic discussion of the names of the Deity.

Includes dissertation on:

* The seven climates or zones of the earth as then conceived, the spheres, the stars, the sun and the moon and their eclipses.

* Human embryology and the generative functions, human anatomy, physiology, and pathology with rules for health and long life.

The soul and its functions, the exaltation of which, through the fulfillment of the Torah, becomes one with the Creator.

Reward and punishment, paradise and hell, immortality of the soul and its transmigration in man.

* The redemption of Israel, the resurrection, and the shape and nature of the world to come thereafter.

The author, R. Meir Aldabi (c. 1310-c. 1360), was a grandson of the Ro"sh (Asher ben Yechiel). In 1348 he made his way from his native Toledo to Jerusalem, where this work, Shevilei Emunah, was completed.

See Waxman, History of Jewish Literature, Vol. II, pp. 318-9; and Otzar HaRabbanim no. 12763.

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