Subasta 99 Auction of Fine Judaica
Por Kestenbaum & Company
The Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 77, 141 Flushing Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205, Estados Unidos

הודעה חשובה: הקטלוג המוצג בעברית איננו תרגום מדויק של הקטלוג באנגלית, אלא ׳ראשי פרקים׳, ועלול לחסר מידע על הפריטים, במיוחד על מצבם. לא ניתן להחזיר פריט לאחר הרכישה עקב תיאור עברי שחיסר מידע שמוצע באנגלית - על כל מציע לעיין בקטלוג באנגלית לפני ההצעה. 
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LOTE 23:


Precio inicial:
$ 500
Precio estimado :
$1 000 - $2 000
Comisión de la casa de subasta: 25%
IVA: 8.875% IVA sobre el precio total del lote y la comisión


(Newspaper). Niles’ Weekly Register. Baltimore.

Group of twelve issues, each features news concerning Jews internationally.

Unbound. 8vo.

Baltimore, v.d. 

* 24th August, 1816: Jews Expelled from Lubec (“They never seem to have a home.”).

* 9th November, 1816: Gathering of the Jews (“[under a leader] named Hosannag Massas.”).

* 19th December, 1818: Greek Christians severely attacked Christians celebrating Mass in the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem.

* 19th March, 1825: Pope Clement VIII issues edict demanding the conversion of the Jews.

* 10th September, 1825: House of Rothschild loan to the Grand Duchy of Hesse.

* 21st October, 1826: Auto-da-Fe in Spain.

* 18th November, 1826: Reporting on the Jews of China (“These Jews are said to be honest and industrious and are esteemed by the Chinese.”).

* 9th May, 1829: Worldwide Jewish population statistics (“The idea of ever gathering together such a scattered nation… appears rather difficult, if not preposterous.”).

* 5th October, 1833: On the Emancipation of the Jews in Britain.

* 23rd November, 1833: Speech in the British House of Commons concerning Jewish disabilities (“Let us… support… a religion whose noblest distinction is that it first taught the human race the lesson of universal charity.”).

* 2nd August, 1834: Baron Rothschild to be honored with the title of royal banker to the Queen of Spain.

* 19th September, 1835: Various attacks against Jews in Hamburg, Germany (Jews defend themselves, no assistance from authorities; “it appeared a crime, even to the respectable class of citizens that the Jews dared to defend themselves… The remark was that … every two years [the Jews] required to be treated this way”).