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By Kestenbaum & Company
Jun 16, 2022
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LOT 28:

‘Pithchei Teshuvah.’ Digest of Hundreds of ...

Sold for: $750
Start price:
$ 500
Estimated price :
$1,000 - $1,500
Buyer's Premium: 25%
sales tax: 8.875% On the full lot's price and commission

‘Pithchei Teshuvah.’ Digest of Hundreds of Responsa in Laws of Treifoth.

Composite manuscript in Hebrew composed in several hands.
pp. 68. Occasional wear. Modern boards. 4to.

Eastern Europe: c. 1850

A deeply learned digest of hundreds of rabbinic responsa on Yoreh Deah, chiefly those issued in the mid-19th century. Apparently intended for personal review, as the last few leaves contain write-ups of Halachic scenarios punctuated by the author’s encouragement to himself - ‘Commit to memory!’.

An anonymous labor of love recording material that would likely have taken years to learn through thoroughly. Includes material from the following (and more):

* Tuv Taam Veda’as (Lemberg, 1900). * Shoel U’Meishiv (Multi-volume, Lemberg, 1890). * Beis Avraham (Koenigsberg, 1853). * Ma’amar Mordechai (Lemberg, 1852). * Chassam Sofer. * Tiferes Zvi (Josefow, 1867). * Beis Ya’akov. * Pri Tevu’ah (Nowydwor, 1796). * Shefa Yehoshua. * Beis Shlomo (Lemberg, 1892). * Mayim Chaim (Zhitomir, 1858). * Ba’i Chai. * To’efos Re’em (Zolkiew, 1855). * Mekom Shmuel (Altona, 1738). * Chesed L’Avraham (Lemberg, 1898).

הערה: הקטלוג העברית מיועד להנגיש את המכירה לציבור הישראלי הרחב. עם זאת, הטקסט בעברית עלול לחסר מידע חיוני על הפריט. על כל מציע לעיין בתיאור הפריט באנגלית לפני ההצעה. לא ניתן לבטל רכישה לאחר המכירה על סמך תיאור פריט שחיסר מידע בעברית.