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By Kestenbaum & Company
Jun 16, 2022
The Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 77, 141 Flushing Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205, United States

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LOT 17:

(of Brody, 1785-1869). Autograph Manuscript in ...

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$ 5,000
Estimated price :
$6,000 - $8,000
Buyer's Premium: 25%
sales tax: 8.875% On the full lot's price and commission

(of Brody, 1785-1869). Autograph Manuscript in Hebrew. Four Responsa on Yoreh De'ah and RECORDED IN HIS PERSONAL LEDGER.

ff. 2. Unsigned. Minor tears at edges. Tall folio.
Brody: 1854

* A responsum to R. Ephraim HaKohen of Bolshevitz (Bilshivtsi, Ukraine) regarding a case where an improperly slaughtered goose was mixed up with properly slaughtered geese. (Partial). Published: Shu”t Tuv Ta’am Voda’ath 3:1:232.
* A responsum to R. Ephraim HaKohen of Lvov concerning a case where a woman miscarried early in her pregnancy and later had a male child. The question is whether the child must be redeemed from a kohen (pidyon haben). Published: Shu”t Tuv Ta’am Voda’ath, 3:2:133.
* A responsum to R. David Meir Feder, Av Beth Din of Svirzh, Ukraine, concerning whether to certify as kosher baked goods that were partially baked in a factory by non-Jews. The full responsum was not published until 1994, in Shu”t Shiyarei Avodah, no. 112, while an abbreviated version of this responsum appeared earlier in Shu”t Ha’Elef Lecha Shlomo, Yoreh De’ah no. 185.
* A responsum to R. Yisrael of Tlumach, Ukraine, regarding a nobleman who hunts and gives the carcasses of his kills to Jews to sell. The questioner asks if it permissible to trade in these carcasses. (Partial). Published: Shu”t Tuv Ta’am Voda’ath, 3:2:13.
Orphaned at an early age and raised by the Maggid of Dubno, R. Shlomo Kluger was a pre-eminent halachic decisor and a most prolific author of responsa who served as the Chief Dayan of Brody (Galicia). His rulings were sought by all, and he remains a Halachic phenomenon until today. When penning a responsum, in addition to sending it to the questioner, R. Kluger would also record it in his ledger (pinkas), per the common practice. It is from pinkasim such as this one that the great collections of responsa were gathered and published. (In these pages, it is possible to see the notation that the handwritten responsum has now been printed.) During his lifetime, R. Kluger used several different pinkasim to record his responsa. A full list can be found in the appendix to Dr. Hayim Gertner’s 1996 MA thesis, “The Sphere of Influence of the Galician Rabbinate in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century: Rabbi Shlomo Kluger as a Test Case.”

הערה: הקטלוג העברית מיועד להנגיש את המכירה לציבור הישראלי הרחב. עם זאת, הטקסט בעברית עלול לחסר מידע חיוני על הפריט. על כל מציע לעיין בתיאור הפריט באנגלית לפני ההצעה. לא ניתן לבטל רכישה לאחר המכירה על סמך תיאור פריט שחיסר מידע בעברית.

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