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HaDerech - Budapest, Adar 1944 - Words of the Belzer Rebbe Upon his Escape from the Holocaust to Eretz Israel - ...

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HaDerech - Budapest, Adar 1944 - Words of the Belzer Rebbe Upon his Escape from the Holocaust to Eretz Israel - Third, Censored Edition - With Wrappers
HaDerech, Issue I, "Derech Tzaddikim - Farewell sermon of… R. Mordechai Rokeach, Rabbi of Biłgoraj… which he delivered at the celebration of the completion of a tractate by Tiferet Bachurim". "Derech Kedoshim - the words of… R. Aharon Rokeach the Belzer Rebbe… said here in the capital Budapest prior their departure for Eretz Israel". Edited by R. Menachem Aharon Levovitz, young rabbi of Chop. Budapest, Adar 1944. "New edition", with wrappers bearing the printed inscription: "Issue 1 - Second edition". On the inner side of the back wrapper, publisher's advertisements of his father's books Shulchan HaEzer and of the books of the rabbi of Shamloy (Şimleu Silvaniei). This page also contains an announcement of his intent to publish a second issue of HaDerech, with the sermon the Rebbe of Munkacs delivered in the Great Synagogue of Budapest on the Shabbat preceding his immigration to Eretz Israel. The HaDerech booklet was first published on 13th Shevat 1944, and contained the farewell sermon of R. Mordechai of Biłgoraj, delivered after he reached Budapest following his miraculous escape together with his brother the Rebbe of Belz from the Bochnia ghetto. The Rebbe and his brother remained in Budapest from Iyar 1943 until Tevet 1944, before leaving for Eretz Israel. In the sermon, R. Mordechai of Biłgoraj describes the atrocities of the Holocaust in Poland and Galicia, and the pressing need to help refugees from those countries. He then apologizes for their departure to Eretz Israel, explaining that their journey is not an escape from Hungary, which he confidently states will not be affected by the Holocaust, but rather stems from his and his brother's yearning and love for Eretz Israel. Further in the booklet, the Rebbe is quoted saying that their trip to Eretz Israel is temporary, with the intention of returning, and his brother R. Mordechai of Biłgoraj explained that according to a tradition from their forefathers, there is no value in settling Eretz Israel before the coming of Mashiach (p. 26). Some ten days later, on February 17, 1944, a second, revised edition of this booklet was published, omitting some references to their immigration to Eretz Israel. A month later, a third edition, also "censored", was printed in Budapest, with the inscription "Second edition, Adar 1944". This third edition is particularly scarce. [1] title page wrapper, [3] pages, 2-26 pages, [2] pages of the back wrapper. Approx. 20.5 cm. Fair condition. Wear and folding marks. Stains and tears. Many scribbles on title page. Wear and tears to the wrappers.

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