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Letter from Rabbi Moshe HaLevi Soloveitchik - Switzerland, 1941 - Assistance to Holocaust Refugees in Switzerland

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Letter from Rabbi Moshe HaLevi Soloveitchik - Switzerland, 1941 - Assistance to Holocaust Refugees in Switzerland
Lengthy letter handwritten and signed by the young student "Moshe HaLevi" Soloveitchik. Lenzerheide (mountainous resort in Switzerland), Av 1941. Addressed to one of his friends who escaped Lithuania during the Holocaust, and was wandering in Switzerland. R. Moshe advises him to come study in the Montreux yeshiva, though he is unsure if it will be possible without the required travel documents, and discusses the difficulty in finding a family who will agree to host an illegal student, mentioning the names of various Swiss figures and families (Mr. and Mrs. Sternbuch, Mr. Blechschmidt of Lugano and Family Bollag of Baden). Towards the end of the letter, R. Moshe mentions his plans to return from the resort to the yeshiva in Montreux, to study together with his partner the young student Aharon Leib Steinman, who intends to return to Montreux for the Elul session. R. Yaakov Moshe HaLevi Soloveitchik (1916-1995) was the son of R. Yisrael Gershon of Brisk (1875-1941 - eldest son of R. Chaim HaLevi of Brisk). He escaped Brisk in his youth to the Montreux yeshiva in Switzerland, together with his friend Aharon Leib Steinman, to evade conscription in the Polish army. Ultimately, he was the only survivor of his family who all perished in the Holocaust. He disseminated Torah in Switzerland after the Holocaust, and from his home in Zurich served as the foremost Torah authority in Europe. R. Moshe's journey to Switzerland in the summer of 1938 resulted in the miraculous rescue of two outstanding Torah leaders, who impacted the rebuilding of today's Torah world - R. Moshe Soloveitchik in Zurich, who headed the entire European Torah world, and R. Aharon Leib Steinman in Bnei Brak, who in the last two decades of his life stood at the helm of the Torah world in Eretz Israel. [1] leaf. 27 cm. Written on both sides, approx. 37 handwritten lines. Good condition. Folding marks and filing holes.