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LOT 41:

Dash Bentchen
Illustrated Birkas Hamazon & Zemiros for Shabbos with Yiddish Translation. ...

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Dash Bentchen

Illustrated Birkas Hamazon & Zemiros for Shabbos with Yiddish Translation. Frankfurt am Main, 1727


Order of Birkas Hamazon & Zemiros for Shabbos in Ashkenazic-Polish rite.

The sefer also includes the Haggadah, Krias Shema al Hamittah, and various prayers, blessings and supplications, all with their Yiddish translation and relevant laws and customs.

Woodcut illustrations and decorative initials appear throughout the sefer.
The title page notes that the Yiddish translation of Birkas Hamazon is a brand-new rendition.

“Bentcherel”s like this, which were characteristic of Jewish works printed during this era, often included a collection of prayers and blessings that were not regularly recited in shul, but recited privately throughout the year.

These “bentcherel”s were very popular among Ashkenazic Jewry, yet the vast majority faded or disintegrated due to consistent use. Complete “benterchel”s such as this one are particularly very rare.

Contents of sefer: Birkas Hamazon; Zemiros for Shabbos and Motza’ei Shabbos; Zemiros for Chanukah; Sheva Brachos; Bris Milah; Pidyon Haben; Eiruv Tavshilin; Kapparos; prayers at a cemetery; Krias Shema al Hamittah; Haggadah shel Pesach; Birkos Hanehenin.

Frankfurt am Main, 1727. 47 leaves. Page size: 20 cm. Small tear on margin of last page. Good condition. New red leather binding.

Bibliography: Chava Turniansky “Benterchel and Zemiros in Yiddish”. Alei Sefer 10. 1982. pp. 15-92.

Provenance: Bill Gross Collection

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