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Sep 11, 2022
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Selichos. Shapira Press. Zhitomir, 1857
Selichos in ...

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Selichos. Shapira Press. Zhitomir, 1857
Selichos in Ashkenazic-Polish rite, printed by the grandchildren of the Slavita Rav, Rabbi Chanina Lipa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Shapira, who were partners in the famed Jewish printing press in Zhitomir.
This Zhitomir edition of Selichos was printed with large letters in dark ink. This sefer encompasses Selichos for the month of Elul and Erev Rosh Hashanah; Tzom Gedalya; Aseres Ymei Teshuvah; as well as the full order of Selichos for Yom Kippur, including Ne’ilah.

Printed by Tzaddikim

Sefarim printed by the legendary Shapira family, grandsons of the saintly Admor Rabbi Pinchas of Koritz, were sought after by tzaddikim and chassidim of their generation, and many specifically sought to pray from the siddurim and machzorim printed by their holy hand.
“Therefore, one should strive to purchase sefarim printed by G-d-fearing men, and especially from the Slavita and Zhitomir Presses [owned] by the Admor of Koritz’s grandchildren, who were exalted printers.” (Taharas Hakodesh Ch. 6 by the Shomer Emunim)

Zhitomir, 1857.  Shapira Press.166 sides. Page size: 20.5 cm. Top margins cropped on several pages, with minor damage to a few headings. New leather binding with ornate gilded engravings.
Good condition.
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