Jan 7, 2023
1951 W Division Rd Fowler Indiana 47944, United States

1951 W Division Rd, Fowler, IN 47944

Toystrainsandotheroldstuff LLC is proud to present our second load from a fantastic one-owner collection of comics that will be sure to please. Many long and solid runs of fantastic condition books, most all raw and ungraded but well kept over the years by an avid collector. We will be rolling out individual keys as well as groups of many title including but not limited to Incredible Hulk, Tales to Astonish, Tales of Suspense, Captain America, Amazing Spiderman, Journey Into Mystery, Thor, near full run of Silver Surfer and others. There are tons of key issues in this collection and the average grade is in the 6.0 range with some far better and some worse. The vast majority have been put in new bags with new boards to help preserve them. We have take a few photos of what is to come and be expected but there are FAR MORE coming that what we are showing.

We are also selling 23 LEGO store displays to include Star Wars, Bionicle, Ninjago, Friends, City and more. These are all complete and in nice shape.

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