Auction 26


Jun 19, 2022
6 Shlomo Hamelech Street, Bnei Brak, Israel

Shiviti, Mizrach And parchment items - Books and matters of Hasidis - Chabad - Bukhara, Persia and Georgia - Ladino - Zionism and maskilim - Volumes and book collections - Drawings and pictures - Meron and Lag B'Omer - Books and Kabbalah Matters - Coins and medals - Bnei Brak - gra and rabbinic leaders of Lithuania - Controversy, history, Jewish history and more - Maran Sar haTorah Rabbi Chaim Kanevsky - Prayer books and prayers for various times - Righteous objects, silverware, Judaica objects, wine and spirits - Books on the Shas and Halacha - Individual pages, calendars, newspapers about gdolei Israel, posters and advertisements - Passover Haggadot and megilot Esther - Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, She'erit HaPleita and Shanghai - varies Books and brochures - Bible and its commentaries, facsimiles and special editions and sermon books - Letters from rabbis, rebbes and manuscripts - The Schwab family, the father Rabbi Yehuda of Frankfurt, his sons Rabbi Shimon, Rabbi Mordechai, Rabbi Moshe and their family, Rabbi Yitzchak Schwab's archives of the founders of Hevra Kadisha Bnei Brak - Glosses, dedications, signatures, stamps and privileged copies and more...

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