Auction 18 The Library of Rabbi Avraham Shlomo Katz Av Beit Din of Riskawa and his son Rabbi Eliyahu

Mar 11, 2021
 21 Avraham Ben David St. Bnei Brak, ISRAEL

A special auction that most of the Sefarim are from the library of Rabbi Avraham Shlomo Katz Rav of Riskova - His Brother - Father-In-Law and Brother In-Laws.

Includes the personal Siddur of Rabbi Shlomo Halbershtam of Bobov, Sefer of the Great Baba Sali, Discovery in the Litvish world Rabbi Nachum of Horodna did actually leave a Kaddish after himself.

Signatures - Commentaries - Stamps and Special copy's, Dedications - Stamps - Signatures of the author's and their personal copy, Chasidish Sefarim, Rare Sefarim of all parts of the Torah, Rare printing presses, and more.

In this auction and Iy"h in the upcoming auctions: The starting price and the Bidding price will be Israeli New Shekel.

Because of that, the payments will also be in Israeli New Shekel Only!! 

                                           No sale of items after the auction !!!

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