TIM RAY FISHER Gay Artist -Out of the Closet-

Nov 13, 2021
10027 Umberland Place Boca Raton, FL 33428 USA, United States

TIM RAY FISHER Gay Artist -Out of the Closet - artwork and personal collection. This auction includes original art by Tim Ray Fisher. He was born on November 7, 1969, in Goshen, Indiana. He survived an extremely traumatic childhood of sexual abuse and neglect, which he repressed and blocked out. His ancestors were Mennonite on his mothers side of the family, and Amish on his fathers side. He learned various arts and crafts during his childhood and teenage years, growing up in Indiana. He resided in San Diego as a disabled artist where he created oil paintings, assemblages, and photography. He is a gay male and his oil paintings focus on nature and geometric patterns, using vibrant colors. Some of his artwork is dark and anti-religious, due to his PTSD. He also began to work with, and photograph, nude male models from Southern California. His digital male nudes were inspired by Andy Warhol, Bruce of LA, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Herb Ritts. He was a member of the San Diego Art Institute, a member of the San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild, and United Artists of San Diego. He battled alcohol and drug addiction while trying to heal from his PTSD. He could no longer afford to live in San Diego, California, due to the high rent prices. He moved to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in 2017 to be near relatives and to learn more about his Amish heritage.

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